Giant Sea Serpent of Scottish Gaelic Folklore: Cirein-Croin

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One of the most terrifying monsters in Scottish Gaelic folklore happens to be the odd Ceirean (cirein-cròin or cionarian-cro), a colossal sea monster. Many weren’t sure of its actual being other than it possibly residing among the “ginormous fish-destroyers” (serpents) or dinosaurs that tread along the vast sea and on land. It was such a titanic creature that a well-known saying claims that it would gladly eat at least seven whole whales for dinner.

Now this is where the true worries appear, local folklorists truly believe of the Ceirean being able to disguise itself as a small silver fish. The purpose of the disguise was to wickedly fool a fishermen, whether to camouflage itself to avoid any contact of being noticed or to attract its next meal by changing back to its monster form while aboard the ship. It is said that the Ceirean is ranked second place to the “great sea animal.” It is compared to the Alantosaurus which is a dinosaur that reached 100 feet in length, 30 feet in height, and considered proportionally ‘ugly.’

Be careful traveling along the cosmic waters, you never know who or WHAT will be there waiting!

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