Traditional Clothing: Ukraine

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Traditional Ukrainian clothing has many styles depending on the ethnographic region. However, one of the main features is the embroidery on the shirt (vyshyvanka) which is meticulously sewn on the neck, cuffs, and hem.

The traditional apparel worn by females are long skirts, blouses, scarves, and decorative headdresses. These clothes are richly embroidered with traditional folk motifs. Red is a prominent color in the folk dress of Ukraine.

For males, the traditional clothing usually consists of embroidered white shirts, paired with pants of a bit darker colors, and often includes a red sash around the waist.

Each year in May, Ukrainians worldwide celebrate Vyshyvanka Day. It’s not a religious or public holiday; however, Ukrainians throughout the world celebrate this day wearing traditional embroidered clothing in honor of their ethnic heritage.


Archduke Wilhelm of Austria wearing a Vyshyvanka


At Vyshyvanka parade – a popular event in Ukraine


Here’s a video of a Vyshyvanka parade in Ukraine demonstrating the love that Ukrainians have for their folk embroidery.


Would you like to wear your own embroidered Ukrainian shirt or dress? There are many wonderful shops on Etsy. 

Here’s some of our favorites:

Traditional clothing is an intrinsic part of Ukrainian heritage. We hope you enjoyed this post, and if you’re Ukrainian and would like to share your own images of you or your loved ones in traditional dress, then please feel free to share in the comments section or tag us on twitter @MagicalEurope!

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